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Saskatoon Bessborough - castle on the river

About Us



  • We offer flexible solutions to enable organizations to grow their surge capacity and deliver high-quality results

  • Unique expertise in writing and research, agenda and briefing material preparation, presentation development, and media training

  • We are passionate about strategic communication, extensive experience, and exceptional level of professional services enables clients to achieve their goals and build momentum around their biggest opportunities and challenges.


  • Samantha Yaholnitsky (Sam) founded Momentum Strategies in 2023 as a strategic communications firm.

  • She has over a decade of experience advising clients and elected officials in the private, public, and non-profit sectors.

  • Sam has a keen eye for marketing and sales, with experience producing multiple television, radio and digital ad commercials involving creative, writing/scripting, securing actors, directing, editing and ad purchasing.

  • Her expertise in marketing has seen an average increased awareness rate of 24 percent for brands she has worked with, and she has executed media campaigns that resulted in a 100%+ increase in media coverage.

  • Sam's previous employment includes positions as Director at the RM of Corman Park and the Saskatchewan REALTORS® Association, as well as Senior Account Executive at Harris Greenaway Communications.

  • She is a lifelong learner, with ongoing education and certification in entrepreneurship, business communication and real estate executive management.

  • Samantha's professional experience is complimented by her volunteer roles, including VP of the Public Affairs of Canada - SK Chapter.

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